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Churchill Scholarship

National deadline: Thursday November 7, 2017


Churchill Scholarships support one year of graduate study in engineering, math, or science at Churchill College, Cambridge University. Students should demonstrate exceptional ability; they should be in their senior year or beyond and must be between 19 and 26 years of age at the time of taking up the scholarship; 14 scholarships awarded each year.  (Churchill requires that a candidate’s GRE or MCAT score be sent directly to the Churchill Foundation no later than the end of December.  Churchill also requires applicants to apply to Cambridge University by a mid-October date.) Additional information including bios of past and current scholars available at the Churchill Scholarship website. Students who want to attend Cambridge University should also consider the Marshall Scholarship and the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship.  

Application Procedures

To compete for a Churchill Scholarship, candidates must be US citizens and be nominated by their home institution. As a nominating institution for the Churchill Scholarship, Indiana University can put forward a maximum of two nominees. There are three stages in applying for the Churchill Scholarship -  1) an optional preliminary application stage; 2) a mandatory campus nomination and interview stage and, if nominated; 3) the national deadline. 

Preliminary Application for Post-Graduate Study in the United Kingdom or Ireland

Deadline – June 30, 2017

Students, especially Juniors, who are interested in pursuing post-graduate study in the United Kingdom or Ireland (for any award(s)) are encouraged to complete the preliminary application. By completing the preliminary application you will become familiar with the scholarships and start preparing your statements. The preliminary application does not require you to get letters of recommendation or complete an application form. After turning in the preliminary application, students will meet with Paul Fogleman to determine next steps.

Preliminary Application Requirements:

  1. Juniors must have a minimum 3.65 cumulative GPA at the time of the preliminary application with the expectation of raising the GPA to a minimum of 3.7 by the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. Sophomores and freshmen must have a minimum of a 3.5 (either cumulative or in your major) at the time of this year’s preliminary application.
  2. Prepare essays in response to the four prompts listed below. The essays may be brief or extensive. Length will depend on individual circumstances and applicants do not need to have fully developed plans at this stage. Submit essays via email in a Word document to Paul Fogleman (
    • Prepare a statement of professional aspirations: Indicate in which discipline(s)/field(s) you are considering making your career, including specific positions/roles you aspire to. Specify how your academic program and graduate educational plans will assist you in achieving your goals.

    • Describe one specific example of your leadership experience. Include details on your role with the activity and the impact of your involvement.

    • Describe the study program(s) in the UK or Ireland of interest to you. You can include specific faculty or researchers with whom you would like to work. Also explain why you have chosen the particular institution(s).

    • Describe previous or current experience in research, artistic pursuits or other activities related to your professional goals. Include the length and duration of your work and the organizations and departments involved.

Campus Nomination for Churchill Scholarship

Deadline is 5:00pm on Monday October 2, 2017

Campus Nomination Requirements:

A minimum 3.7 GPA (cumulative) is required at the time of the campus nomination deadline.

There are four parts of the campus nomination application. Applicants complete the first two and turn them in as Word or pdf documents to Paul Fogleman by email:

  1. Three statements are required:

    • Personal statement: Describe the academic and other interests and pursuits that have had the greatest influence on your academic and career ambitions (maximum 750 words).
    • Reasons for studying in the UK and/or Ireland: Explain why you want to study in the United Kingdom and/or the Republic of Ireland and how this experience will benefit you in the future (maximum 500 words).
    • Proposed academic program: Describe your proposed academic program, giving reasons for your choice and for your preferred university (maximum 500 words). If you are proposing to pursue a research degree, outline the research you wish to undertake.
  2. A maximum 2 page résumé listing activities and honors.

  3. Transcripts: unofficial IU transcripts will be accessed by the Office of Competitive Awards and Research and added to application materials.

  4. Three references that comment on your work and accomplishments sent by email to Paul Fogleman (

Campus interview date for the Churchill scholarship will be the week of October 9. The Chair of the 2017 nomination committee is Professor Tim Lemper ( Paul Fogleman is the campus representative for all of the nationally-competitive awards to the United Kingdom and Ireland.